Drugs Commissioner: Possession of six grams of cannabis should no longer be a criminal offence

The offence should be considered a misdemeanour in future, Daniela Ludwig proposes
Berliner Zeitung (Germany)
Monday, August 23, 2021

germany ludwig cannabisThe Federal Commissioner on Narcotic Drugs, Daniela Ludwig (CSU), advocates that in future the possession of cannabis up to a personal use limit of six grammes should be prosecuted nationwide as an administrative offence and no longer as a criminal offence. The amount of 15 grammes tolerated in Berlin, however, is "clearly" too high, Ludwig said. There, more young people smoke pot than anywhere else in Germany. Ludwig recommends that the CDU/CSU seek a compromise on the issue of cannabis with possible coalition partners after the federal elections. "It is clear that cannabis is not as dangerous as cocaine or heroin. It is also true that the issue must be about different, better sanctions and about relieving the police and the judiciary," she stressed.