Getting closer! Final stage before Malta’s cannabis reform becomes law to start next week

“We have no intention of shelving this bill or reducing the rhythm and we’ll stick with the same pace”
Lovin Malta (Malta)
Tuesday, November 23, 2021

malta reform nowIt’s looking ever more likely that Malta will pass a landmark cannabis reform bill into law. The bill passed its second reading (the debate stage) in Parliament, with all government MPs voting in favour and all opposition MPs voting against. It will now move on to the final stage – the Consideration of Bills Committee, where MPs will discuss the finer details of the proposed law. And while bills can remain stuck at this stage for months, that isn’t the government’s intention with the cannabis reform. Reforms Minister Owen Bonnici said that the plan is for this debate to start next week, ideally on Monday. After it gets through the committee stage, the minister said he will present it for its third reading without delay, after which it will officially become law.