Germany legalizes – how does Sweden act?

MP Steensland fears that the German plans will lead to increased accessibility and use, which can be spread throughout the rest of the EU
News Fox24 (US)
Thursday, December 23, 2021

germany cannabis flags"Does the Swedish government see a need of acting within the EU and vis-à-vis Germany in response to the country’s plans to legalize cannabis to ensure compliance with the EU agreement to 'take all necessary measures to prevent and punish drug trafficking', and if so, in what way ?", Pia Steensland, who is a member of the Christian Democrats in the Riksdag’s social committee, asks Minister Hans Dahlgren. The newly formed German coalition government announced that it wants to allow cannabis and "introduce controlled distribution of cannabis for adults for consumption in licensed stores". It could be interpreted as a violation of both the UN drug conventions and several EU agreements.