Colombia’s Congress agrees to final marijuana legalization bill, which key senator expects to be enacted by June

Lawmakers have met several times in recent weeks to debate the reform proposal, which would amend the country’s Constitution to end cannabis prohibition
Marijuana Moment (US)
Thursday, December 15, 2022

colombia marijuanaColombia’s Chamber of Representatives and Senate have voted to reconcile their respective versions of marijuana legalization bills that recently advanced, with both bodies accepting minor changes to create a unified final product that’s now set to advance to key votes in the new year. Because the legalization proposal would amend the country’s Constitution, the legislation must pass both chambers again in 2023—and a key Senate sponsor of the bill says that she expect it to be formally enacted by June. The reconciliation process took place about a week after the Senate overwhelmingly approved its version of the reform legislation. The bill had previously received initial approval in Colombia’s Chamber of Representatives.