Proposals for regulated cannabis market may end up in European Court, says official

If the Czech state loses the lawsuit, which could take years, it has other solutions available
Brno Daily (Czech Republic)
Monday, May 29, 2023

Jindrich Voboril2The introduction of a legal, regulated cannabis market in the Czech Republic may end up in the European Court of Justice, said drug policy coordinator Jindrich Voboril. He believed this to be the best option, as prohibition has been proven not to work and only brings costs and risks. Voboril's draft proposes the authorisation of domestic and commercial cultivation of cannabis, special clubs for recreational use, and licensed sale in shops for people over 18. Given the European legislation and the fact that the Czech government is now the only one in the EU envisaging a commercial market for recreational cannabis, it is likely that another member state will challenge the measure in the European Court of Justice. (See also: We are waiting for Germany to legalize cannabis, says Minister Válek)