Swiss cities test controlled cannabis distribution

A commercial model could prove dangerous; a scheme where no one makes a profit is more appropriate, where those running it can decide what products to offer and train the sales staff properly
Swissinfo (Switzerland)
Sunday, July 23, 2023

switzerland cannabis infoSwiss drug policy is shifting. Some pharmacies and social clubs in major cities are making cannabis available for recreational purposes under scientific pilot projects. There is even talk of extending such trials to cocaine. The scientific pilot SCRIPT will make cannabis available for sale in pharmacies in the Swiss capital Bern, along with the cities of Lucerne and Biel. The goal is to evaluate what impact a regulated, not-for-profit sale of cannabis coupled with advisory services may have on cannabis consumption. It is one of several pilot trials planned across Switzerland. In June, Bern’s city parliament overwhelmingly approved a motion from the Alternative Left party calling on the city to conduct a scientific pilot trial of controlled cocaine sales.