Hill touts legalised ganja sale to tourists

I am talking about people who you don't have to take your product overseas to export it — we'll bring them here for you
Jamaica Observer (Jamaica)
Saturday, October 21, 2023

jamaica flag ganja2Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce of Jamaica, Senator Aubyn Hill, has suggested the legalised sale of marijuana to visitors as a way for Jamaica to earn revenue from countries that do not allow imports of the herb. "We don't have to send it in plane loads [as an export item]. We have to get our act together through the CLA [Cannabis Licensing Authority] , through the ministry, through RADA [Rural Agricultural Development Agency], and make sure the people who come here to buy our export product called tourism and hotels and jerk and so on, have access — legal, proper, regulated access — to this product," he said. (See also: Cannabis sector eager to expand tourism market; Hill said his comments were confined to the sale of medical cannabis)