How legalizing marijuana might stave off 'Spice' epidemics

European nations with drug decriminalization, such as the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain, have the lowest prevalence of synthetic cannabinoid use
Motherboard (US)
Friday, August 5, 2016

spiceK2 overdoses in Brooklyn sent 33 people to hospital. The rise of K2 could be fueled by a twist on the "gateway drug" theory: it’s not marijuana use, but marijuana criminalization, that could lead many to turn to synthetic cannabinoids. Just like marijuana activists are championing studies that suggest cannabis reforms could lead to decreased heroin and opioid use, stopping the spread of K2 could become a rallying point for the marijuana movement. As Adam Winstock, a consultant psychiatrist and founder of the Global Drug Survey put it, "In some regions, it could be the best argument for legalization in quite some time."