'They are slaughtering us like animals'

Inside President Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal antidrug campaign in the Philippines
The New York Times (US)
Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I had come to document the bloody and chaotic cam­paign against drugs that President Rodrigo Duterte began when he took office on June 30: since then, about 2,000 people had been slain at the hands of the police alone. What I experienced in the Philippines felt like a new level of ruthlessness: police officers' summari­ly shooting anyone suspected of dealing or even using drugs, vigilantes' taking seriously Mr. Duterte's call to "slaughter them all." Beyond those killed in official drug operations, the Philippine National Police have counted more than 3,500 unsolved homicides since July 1, turning much of the country into a macabre house of mourning.