Ex-Officer in Philippines says he led death squad at Duterte’s behest

At least 3,600 people, and possibly thousands more, have been killed by the police or vigilantes since Duterte became president in June
The New York Times (US)
Monday, February 20, 2017

A retired police officer racked with guilt over the murders of two of his own brothers has reversed himself and confessed to leading the Philippine death squad that killed them, saying that he was acting on the direct orders of Rodrigo Duterte before he became president. The former officer, Arthur Lascañas, said at a news conference that Mr. Duterte had sponsored the killings of drug and crime suspects while he was mayor of the southern city of Davao. Mr. Lascañas has now become the second professed hit man to level such accusations against Mr. Duterte. (See also: Thousands of Filipino Catholics march against death penalty, war on drugs)