Illegal marijuana shops linked to activists Marc, Jodie Emery raided across Canada

Toronto Police have taken an aggressive approach to the city’s growing number of marijuana dispensaries
The Globe and Mail (Canada)
Thursday, March 9, 2017

Police officers in several Canadian cities raided illegal marijuana dispensaries linked to activists Marc and Jodie Emery, charging them and several others with drug offences as part of an investigation led by Toronto police. The raids were the latest attempt by local police forces to shut down pot shops that have been opening in cities across the country, even as the federal government prepares to fully legalize the drug with legislation this spring. It was also notable for the involvement of Vancouver’s police force, which has largely left dispensaries in the city alone, including those run by the Emerys. (See also: Toronto police accuse Cannabis Culture of having links to organized crime | Arrest of Emerys by police tarnishes justice in Canada | Are Marc and Jodie Emery bad for the weed movement?)