Get high on own supply?

Small farmers' profits might dip after prohibition laws were amended
Weekend Argus (South Africa)
Saturday, April 15, 2017

For years much of South Africa’s dagga has been grown on the green rolling hills of the east coast, often as what economist Vladislav Lakcevic calls “garbage crops” – small plantings to supplement impoverished peasant farmers’ incomes. But last month’s High Court ruling effectively legalising growth and use of dagga at home might hit the pockets of subsistence farmers in some of the poorest parts of southern Africa. The High Court ruled last month that laws prohibiting household use of dagga were unconstitutional. Thousands of people suddenly growing weed in their gardens rather than buying it on street corners could affect dagga farmers, said Jeremy Acton, president of the Dagga Party of South African. (See also: Growing the green)