Iran plans to decriminalise drug use allowing government to give diluted drugs to addicts

The judicial committee has also proposed a draft law halting the death penalty for carrying and distributing less than 100kg of traditional drugs such as opium
The Independent (UK)
Thursday, July 27, 2017

Iraniran cannabis could be on the verge of decriminalising some forms of drug use to allow the government to distribute drugs to addicts. By allowing the government to give out diluted rugs to addicts, the proposal aims to cut the relationship between drug addicts and drug traffickers. “The plan to distribute [low-grade] drugs is similar to what used to be implemented before the [1979 Iran’s Islamic] Revolution,” said Hassan Norouzi, the spokesperson for the Parliament’s Judicial and Legal Commission, according to IFPNews. Iran’s Drug Control Organisation said there are now 2.8 million people “regularly consuming drugs" in the strictly conservative country. (See also: Iran drug addicts double in six years | Iran drafts law to provide addicts with coupons for drugs from government)