We already know how to stop people dying from drugs – but the Government refuses to do it

Drug consumption rooms will save lives, that would be the right thing to do even if it won’t win votes
The Independent (UK)
Wednesday, August 2, 2017

heroin syringeLast year saw the highest number of drug-related deaths since records began in 1993. More than half of these deaths involved an opiate, such as heroin. Those aged 40 to 49 made up the largest group dying as a result of drug poisoning. Compared with the general population, this group is dying decades before they should. It is difficult to know what impact austerity has had in shortening the lives of people who use drugs. But is it a coincidence that since the change in policy in 2010, which saw a move from trying to reduce the harm that drugs cause to one that promoted abstinence, more people have lost their lives? (See also: Drug deaths: Cocaine contributes to record number | Government must 'accept responsibility' for record number of drug deaths as Tory policy fails, say experts)