Federal NDP, Liberals considering decriminalization of all drugs

The national Liberal caucus has signaled an appetite for change with a resolution to be considered at that party's national policy convention in Halifax in April
The Globe and Mail (Canada)
Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Two of Canada's three major political parties are considering removing criminal penalties for the personal possession and use of all drugs – a step that health and drug policy experts say is critical in treating problematic substance use as a health issue. At a national convention in Ottawa, the federal New Democratic party passed a resolution to end the criminalization of the personal possession of all drugs, a move in line with leader Jagmeet Singh's position that problematic drug use should be treated as a social-justice and health-care issue rather than a criminal matter. The NDP is the first major Canadian party to advocate for decriminalization. (See also: Liberal caucus proposes decriminalization of illegal drug use, simple possession)