Cannabis cultivation and consumption pattern in Jamaica 2017-2018

Approximately 21 per cent of total farmers across the island are women while about 79 per cent are men
The Gleaner (Jamaica)
Wednesday, September 26, 2018

jamaica flag ganjaFifty-three per cent of cannabis enthusiasts want Jamaica to fully legalise cannabis while 27 per cent want Jamaica to legalise but with strict controls. Only 18 per cent are content with the current state of decriminalisation and two per cent want the laws to be reverted to where they were prior to 2015. Traditionally, ganja is grown outdoor in Jamaica so that the plant can benefit from the sunlight. Our research shows that 77 per cent of farmers grow in open field outdoors, 17 per cent grow indoors, while six per cent grow in greenhouses. Unlike regular agriculture that fails to attract large numbers of young people, cannabis cultivation appears to be quite attractive to young people given its high return per crop yield compared to other agricultural commodities.