Cannabis can be grown outdoors for pennies on the dollar. So why is hardly anyone doing it?

Prior to legalization, outdoor cultivation, even for medical purposes, was illegal
Financial Post (Canada)
Thursday, May 9, 2019

Cannabis companies have spent the early days of the legal recreational cannabis era building massive growing facilities, but the chief executive of 48North Cannabis Corp. has been focusing on a plot of land in Brantford, Ont. That’s where her company hopes to launch one of the country’s first major outdoor cannabis operations, a 100-acre site that will, at capacity, be able to yield 40,000 kilograms of cannabis flower. Gordon is banking on getting approval from Health Canada to begin outdoor growing in time for the spring planting season, five months before the legalization of cannabis edibles, expected in October. "Cannabis is meant to be grown outdoors. It went indoors because of Prohibition." (See also: To apply for a licence to grow cannabis in Canada, you now have to have a fully built site ready to go)