Cannabis legalisation lobby hopes for meeting with the President

George Vella expressed reservations about extending the legal use of the drug
Times of Malta (Malta)
Wednesday, June 19, 2019

malta reform nowCannabis legalisation lobby group ReLeaf has expressed concern at 'reservations' by President George Vella on extending legal use of the drug beyond medical care. President Vella said that “as a doctor and a father” he had reservations about how wise it would be to extend the legal use of cannabis beyond medical care. Speaking at a conference on drugs and mental health, Dr Vella said he preferred to rely on the advice of experts in such matters. In a statement, Releaf expressed concern that there continued to be "poor understanding of why and how a legalised and regulated market could operate." The scope of a legalised and regulated market, the group said, would be to address the very basic of concerns surrounding cannabis and cannabis use.