The Moroccan government agrees to discuss draft laws on cannabis cultivation

The renewed interest on the issue comes at a time when financial and political circles are campaigning for the introduction of kif and especially its money into the legal circuit
Yabiladi (Morocco)
Friday, January 3, 2020

morocco parliament cannabisThe Moroccan government is planning to discuss two draft laws submitted by the Party of Authenticity and Modernity (PAM) to «reduce the prosecution of farmers» and «legalize the production of cannabis». The first proposed law was submitted in 2014 by the party’s councilors, while the second one was proposed by PAM representatives in 2015. The Justice Minister Mohamed Ben Abdelkader and senior members from the party will hold talks on January 8 regarding the two draft laws, PAM’s MP Larbi El Mharchi said on social media. (See also: Modiane : «Le gouvernement n’est pas encore prêt» à légaliser la culture du cannabis | Légalisation du cannabis : le PAM déterre deux propositions de loi à la deuxième chambre | La culture du cannabis soulève une tempête au sein du gouvernement)