MPs, health experts and lawyers call for new approach to drugs

The manifesto calls on the government to set up an independent committee to come up with recommendations to reform drugs policy
Dutch News (Netherlands)
Monday, January 20, 2020

netherlands cannabis plantation2MPs, television celebrities, lawyers, leading lights from the dance scene and health experts are among the 79 people who signed a manifesto calling for major reform in Dutch drugs policy. ‘The need for a new and realistic drugs policy is greater than ever. The international drug trade has taken root in the Netherlands with serious consequences,’ the manifesto states. A regulated – not a free – drugs market shouls be the starting point of a new drugs policy. ‘lllegality fuels crime. That is why we must tackle the criminal revenue model and make a regulated drug market the starting point of a new drugs policy.’ Regulation will open up more possibilities when it comes to prevention, public information, price and quality. (See also: Smallest coalition party calls for Netherlands to become ‘drug-free’ country)