Draft cannabis bill ‘completely misses the mark’

Legislators seem oblivious to the business and tax-generating potential of the industry
Moneyweb (South Africa)
Wednesday, September 23, 2020

sa dagga is my rightTwo years ago, the Constitutional Court of South Africa decriminalised the possession and cultivation of cannabis in private by adults for personal private consumption. It was a historic day that left many weed lovers on a natural high. After the long wait for the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill to be made public, the industry’s hopes and expectations slumped when it was tabled in Parliament on September 1. (The call for comments opened on September 9 and closes on October 9.) According to industry experts, it’s not what is in the Bill that resulted in the anti-climax, it’s how it has ‘completely missed the mark’ by failing to highlight the business opportunities that lay before it.