Burt refuses to confirm warning from Governor over cannabis law

The UK Government through Government House has confirmed support for Bermuda’s policy and legislation only so far as it does not contravene the UK’s international obligations
Royal Gazette (Bermuda)
Wednesday, February 24, 2021

David BurtPremier David Burt refused to confirm whether he had held any discussions with the Governor on cannabis regulations approved by the House of Assembly last week. The Premier however maintained that the legislation, if approved by the Senate, could receive Royal Assent despite concerns raised in the House of Assembly. “If our regulations were modelled after what is in place in Canada – another realm of the commonwealth where the Queen serves as head of state – and those are acceptable there, I cannot possibly imagine why they would not be acceptable here.” He said: “We live in a time, a point and place where we can be free to make our own laws and Bermuda has a long tradition of internal self governance and that tradition, I expect in this case, will be upheld and respected.”