From prohibition to trailblazing: A brief history of modern cannabis activism In Malta

As it stands, unless Luxembourg or Germany beat Malta to it, this tiny little Mediterranean island may be the first European nation to fully regulate cannabis
Lovin Malta (Malta)
Saturday, November 27, 2021

malta reform nowIt is ironic, but if Malta does end up legalising recreational cannabis, one quiet man from Wales may be the one to thank for it. Prior to 2011, there were passionate activists fighting for better cannabis laws on the island – but I, like many others of my generation, only got involved in organising and lobbying for legalisation after the brutal imprisonment of Daniel Holmes in Malta. After his story sent shockwaves throughout the cannabis community, making many of us believe the island was moving towards an ultra-conservative USA-style police state where people could face serious jail time for growing plants at home, a number of people began organising.