High hurdles face Germany's cannabis legalization plans

The German government is moving towards legalizing marijuana, creating an entirely new industry in the country. But the effort faces significant challenges, including European law
Der Spiegel (Germany)
Tuesday, November 22, 2022

germany cannabis flagThe legalization of cannabis is a prestige project for the current coalition government. Berlin doesn't just intend to decriminalize the substance, but also wants to regulate its cultivation and distribution, to change regulations on legal limits for driving and, to advance health and youth protection regulations. However, there are doubts in Brussels as to whether the German plans are consistent with EU regulations. Current EU law requires member states to criminalize all activities relating to the trafficking of cannabis – from production to preparation and distribution to sale. The Commission has also hinted at a loophole: EU law does not lay down any requirements for the personal use of cannabis; that is a matter for the member states. Whether that is broad enough to get the green light from Brussels for the entire legalization plan is questionable.