Düsseldorf moves forward with plans to legalize cannabis

It hopes to use scientific research to gain the approval it needs from the federal government
Deutsche Welle (Germany)
Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Düsseldorf took the next step in its plan to legalize the regulated sale of recreational cannabis to over 18 year-­olds, taking advice from experts in psychology, crime and economics during a consultation at City Hall. Representatives from the Cologne and Münster city councils interested in pur­suing similar schemes were also present at the meeting. The proposal for cannabis legalization in Düsseldorf was first put forward a year ago by the City Council's "traffic light" (red-yellow-green) coalition of Social Democrats, liberal Free Democrats and Greens. (Kiffen soll in Düsseldorf legal werden | Düsseldorf hopes to pull other cities onto weed legalization plan)