Law on marijuana should be eased

The country has been late in recognising the advantages of hemp. It should learn the lesson by going ahead with the use of medicinal marijuana and waste no more time
The Bangkok Post (Thailand)
Sunday, December 17, 2017

In a long overdue move, the government this past week decided to relax the narcotics law and allow hemp to be grown as a cash crop in six provinces in northern Thailand. The government has realised a need to revamp the narcotics law, but somehow moves sluggishly in translating it into action. According to researchers, another narcotic that is worth considering for a change is marijuana or ganja. This change should be made because marijuana is known for its medicinal values. Fears over the impact of marijuana as imposed by the West through the United Nations are exaggerated. The ban has given a bad name to the plant, which grows well in Thailand's hot climate.