Marijuana stock analysts not too worried about Sessions's order just yet

The cannabis space has had a huge run, particularly over the past few weeks. Today, this looks like the excuse investors need to take some money off the table
The Globe and Mail (Canada)
Thursday, January 4, 2018

Cannabis analysts weren't too worried for the most part about the decision by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to rescind an Obama-era policy that effectively limited federal enforcement of marijuana laws in states where it was legal. Most industry observers said local governments and state-level AGs are unlikely to crack down in places where weed is already legal, though others warned the move could further hinder the sector's already limited access to traditional banks. Concerned investors sent the Bloomberg Intelligence Global Cannabis Competitive Peers Index down as much as 24 percent before it ended the day 19 percent lower. Canopy Growth Corp., the world's biggest pot company by market value, sank 9.9 per cent in Toronto.