Bermuda’s consultations on recreational cannabis bill generally supportive

The refined bill is going to be brought to the legislature “shortly”
Marijuana Business Daily (US)
Thursday, August 6, 2020

cannabis plantationA refined draft bill to lay the legal groundwork for a regulated adult-use cannabis regime in Bermuda will soon be presented to the island’s legislature. That puts the British island territory among a small group of countries where the establishment of a regulated industry for recreational marijuana is under active consideration. Bermuda recently concluded month-long public consultations over the proposed law and policy document outlining how a regulated cannabis market would look on the island. The proposal is a major pivot from the government’s previous plan to establish a medical industry. That plan was scrapped after it was concluded it “did not go far enough to meet public expectation,” the attorney-general said. (See also: New cannabis law ‘will help overcome stigma’)